Locale and Language

Bizuno is designed to handle different locales throughout the world. Standard language files are available for many languages and are included in the core software. During initial registration of Bizuno, a language was selected as your business's default language. While this only be changed by a PhreeSoft support Engineer, locale preferences can be set at the user level through the Users Manager.

Assigning a locale to a user

Updating a User's locale and language preferences


Phreebooks is designed for multi-language capability. The standard release includes translations for English (US). Language modules, as they come available, are available at the PhreeBooks website. Prior to login, the directory /modules/general/language is read and all loaded language modules will appear in a drop down at login. Once a language is selected, it is stored in a session variable and will remain in effect until the user logs out.

You default language for your business is set during the installation but can be controlled on an individual user basis. See Profiles for instructions on setting the default language for an individual user.

PhreeSoft is always looking for translators to add more language options to Bizuno. We have developed a tool to assist in the translation task. If you have some spare time and would like to assist us, please fill out a support ticket and we will contact you with the details. The current language file is about 2000 lines, ranging from single words to multiline instructions.

Numbers And Dates

Bizuno uses different settings for numbers and currency values. Number and date formats can be changed through the My Business -> Settings -> Bizuno ERP settings -> Settings tab -> Locale accordion.

Technical Stuff - Bizuno handles all numbers and dates in the application in database format, i.e. numbers use a period as a decimal character, no thousands separator. Dates are in the format YYY-MM-DD. Conversion is handled at the time the page is rendered and 'cleaned' before any processing through the script.