Profiles allow for the personalization of the user interface on an individual level.

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Changing your profile
Profile extensions

Profile Manager

When an account is created for a user a profile has been established. This profile can be modified to each users unique taste and preference. Bizuno is customizable for each user to make their experience more productive and efficient.

General Tab

The General Tab is the starting point for making Bizuno work for you.  As the title suggests the General Tab is used to customize general information.  In the General Tab you can adjust how your name is displayed, change your e-mail address, change your password and customize how your profile appears. 

Changing Name and E-Mail Address

To change your name and e-mail address:

  1. Enter your preferred name in the Title field.
  2. Enter your preferred e-mail address in the Email field.
  3. Click the Save icon to save the new changes.

Changing Your Password

To change your password:
  1. Enter your current password in the current password field.
  2. Enter a new password in the new password field.
  3. Confirm the new password by re-entering the new password in the confirm password field.
  4. Click the Save icon to save your new password.

Changing your Profile

Bizuno contains different sets of icon packages.  Choosing an icon set will change the icons in the category headers and drop-down menus.  To choose an icon set choose one from the Icon Set drop-down.

Another customizable feature in Bizuno are the Style sets.  Are you tired of the default colors?  Do you favor orange over green?  To change the appearance of Bizuno just pick one of the style sets from the drop down menu.  There are about a dozen to choose from so spend some time choose a theme that fits your style.

You can also change how the menus are displayed by toggling the menu position drop-down menu.  There are two to choose from: Top and Left.  Pick one to choose where the drop down menus will be displayed. 

Bizuno lets you designate how many columns of Dashboards are displayed on the home page in a vertical formation.  To change the number of columns enter a number from 1 - 5 then click the Save icon.  The number of Dashboard columns that are displayed should now be changed.

Profile Extensions

Extensions may add additional functionality to profiles. Documentation of these additions are included with the documentation of the extension.