Bizuno supports multiple users each assigned multi-level security. During initial setup the administrator user is defined and given full privileges. The administrator can then add additional users and set security appropriately. Each module has an unique security ID and can be set to the following levels:

Bizuno user accounts allow for individualized access to the Bizuno modules. User accounts are used in the audit log, setting access permissions, and permissions for reports. 

When the Bizuno system is installed, a single administrator account is added given full permission to access all of the PhreeBooks functionality. New users can be added and thier access can be controlled to modules that they are given permission to access. If No Access is given to a function, the option will not appear in their menu when they log in. 

NOTE: When adding new modules, permissions have not been established and the modules will not be visible. Each user account will need to be edited and the appropriate permission added to access the module.


The Users Manager can be accessed through:
My Business => Users


Security levels can be defined in Users under the My Business section of Bizuno.

Users Manager

The first screen you will see is the Users Manager. A list of previous Users will be appear in order by e-mail address.

New - To begin a new user creation click the New icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The Users Manager accordion will collapse and the Users detail page will open allowing you to begin creating a new role.

Refresh - To refresh the screen click the Refresh icon in the upper right left hand corner of the page.  This is helpful when you make a mistake or wish to start from the beginning.

Search - Enter any information in the search field to begin a search based on information that you define and click the search button. 

Edit - To view any of these users in detail double click any one of them or click on the green pencil icon to the left of the user.

Delete - To delete a user click the recycle bin to the left in the User Manager.

To sort the Users click the Title, E-mail or Role header and the manager will sort by title.  You can also click the double arrows to the right of the Users Manager/Details to collapse or extend the respective accordions. 

Page Navigation

To move to the first page of users click the arrow with a line to the left or click page by page using the left pointing arrow.  To move to the last page of users click the arrow with a line to the right or click page by page using the right pointing arrow.

To change the number of results to be displayed choose a number from 10 - 50 in the bottom left hand corner of the Manager.

You can also enter the page you wish to navigate to by entering the number in the field provided.

Adding a User Account 

  1. Select Setup->Users.

  1. Press the Add icon. A new screen will appear with a form to fill out for the new user.
  2. Enter a username, email address, and password for the new user.
  3. Set the permissions for the user. A tab will appear for each main heading. the permissions are initially set for no access for all modules. Select the permission levels for each module in each tab.
  4. Press the Save icon to create the user account.

Editing a User Account

  1. Select Setup->Users.
  2. Press the Edit icon next to the user to edit. A new screen will appear with a form fill out for the new user.
  3. Edit any user information and security permissions as necesary. If the password will no be changed, leave the password fields blank and no changes will be made to the current password in the database. 
  4. Press the Save icon to update the user account.

Deleting a User Account

  1. Select Setup->Users.
  2. Press the Delete icon next to the user to delete. A popup will appear to confirm the selection. 
  3. Press OK to confirm the selection and the user account will be removed from the database.

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