Author: David Premo, PhreeSoft

Last Revision: 2015-06-14

Menu: My Business → Settings

Settings are used to personalize the look, feel and defaults for your business. The main Settings window displays one or more categories of modules. The tabs and tab contents will vary depending on the modules available.

Installing a Module

To install a module navigate to the module by selecting the category tab where the module is located. If the module is highlighted in green, the module is already installed. In this case, the Install button will not be visible. If the module is not highlighted, there should be an Install button on the right side of the module description. Click the Install button and the module will be installed. Once the module is installed, set up the roles that have access to the module. By default all roles access levels are set to No Access. Once the roles have been set, sign off and back in to Bizuno to refresh the system cache. Other user will also have to sign off and back so their cache will be reloaded with the new settings. If the module does not appear in the Roles settings for a given role, it may be necessary to sign off and back in to have your session recognize the module.

Modules will be installed with default settings as determined by the application. This is also a good time to review the module Settings and make sure the configuration meets your requirements.

Note: Installing a module will also add any file structures and database tables/fields necessary for the operation of the module.

Removing a Module

IMPORTANT! You should assume that all your database data and files associated with the module will be deleted when the module is removed. If you are not sure, back up your data before removing a module.

To remove a module, navigate to the module by selecting the category tab where the module is located. If the module title is not highlighted, the module is not installed and does not need to be removed. If the module title is highlighted, The module may be removed by clicking on the Remove button. Once the module has been removed, it's best to sign off and back in to refresh your system cache.

Note: If the module title is highlighted and the Remove button is not visible, either the module is part of the core Bizuno application and cannot be removed or your role settings do not allow you full (Read/Write) permissions as a Bizuno module administrator.

Configuring Module Settings

To configure the settings of a module, select the tab where the module reside and click on the Settings icon. The page will reload displaying all available configuration settings. Refer to the details page for setting details for each module, links below.

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