PhreeForm Editor

Want to tweak your reports, change the look of a form? The PhreeForm Editor is the place for you. Start off with a report or form that is similar to what you want and use the powerful editor tools to make the report print exactly as you want it.

Backing Up Your Data

While PhreeSoft provides several layers of fault tolerance, it is a good business practice to archive a copy of your database locally. Bizuno has made this as easy as a click.

Restoring Your Data

This should never be necessary, however, should you need to restore to an earlier backup, Bizuno has a tool for that.

Module Related Tools

Bizuno offers many tools to keep your books running smoothly. Generally, every module controls the tools used within the module. For example, if you suspect that your inventory sales order quantities are not accurate, Bizuno has a tool to check and reset the balances. The PhreeBooks module

Available tools are handled in the module settings found under the My Business -> Settings menu.

Extension Tools

Extension tools can be found in the Settings tab of each extension module.

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